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O5 - The Odyssey

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Fandom Pitch: Odyssey 5!

Odyssey 5. One of Showtimes highest rated shows in 2002. Five astronauts are sent back in time five years to try and stop the end of the world. On top of that, they struggle to keep their mission from screwing up their lives.

To try and tempt folk: If you're into Balthazar from Supernatural, or Auggie from Covert Affairs, you might like this to see the actors in something else!

Why I love this show? There are some flaws in the Pilot (but certainly no more than any of the fandoms I share with everyone here!) and after that - the characters are rounded and well written. These aren't standard heroes, they're all flawed in some way. Some characters fight desperately to change their past (now their future), some just try to stop life from going off the rails. Hell, they don't all even like each other but they work well together and change the future of the earth, but for the better or worse? Everyone in this has a motive that you can understand. At the end of episode 20 there isn't anyone who I didn't understand why they'd done what they had. Even the 'bad guys'.

And if folk start watching then the fandom can start writing more fic!

Background plot
Manny Coto said in an interview after the show that when he started writing he decided to think about the worst thing that could possibly happen. The world could end. So he started with that. The early scenes of the show have our heroes in orbit around where the earth used to be in space shuttle 'The Odyssey'. Before the air runs out they are rescued by the Seeker (a being from another planet) who can download their consciousness into their bodies from five years ago and gives the five of them five years to find out who destroyed the earth and stop it from happening...again.

There were fights, struggles to keep what they doing a secret, and investigation of potential conspiracies with NASA. Oh, and lots of meetings at the Canary because it does good chilli.

Chuck Taggart (Played by Peter Weller - Robocop, 24, The Poseiden Adventure)

Commander Chuck Taggart was the man in charge of the Odyssey mission. An old school NASA man he pushes his older son, Marc (Ken Mitchell - Jericho) to follow his footsteps which eventually leads to Marc running away. He fails to see the similarities between his failed relationship with his father and his failing relationship with his youngest son, Neil, due to their stubborn natures. The most important person in his life, is his wife Paige whom he married 25 years ago. She takes none of his shit and it's part of what makes them work.

Angela Perry (Played by Tamara Craig Thomas - Cold Squad, NCIS)

Flight operator and Chuck's second in command. Angela has always strived to get out of the influence of her father, who in his running for Senator (of Texas), is not afraid to meddle in her life despite its affect on her reputation. Angela had a fleeting relationship with Kurt prior to the start of the series but broke it off for reasons Kurt doesn't discover until later.

Dr. Kurt Mendel (Played by Sebastian Roche - Fringe, Supernatural, Beowulf)

Kurt is a world renowned geneticist and bestselling author, in the Pilot he is hitching a ride to the International Space Station for research. He is British but breaks the American sterotype by being crude and very much the ladies man, charming a whole string of women into his bed over the course of the series. Despite this he still harbours feelings for Angela.

Neil Taggart (Played by Christopher Gorham - Jake 2.0, Harper's Island, Ugly Betty, Covert Affairs, Popular)

In the original timeline, Neil had been a layabout metalhead who spent Saturday nights smoking pot until Marc left when he studied and showed his aptitude for NASA so that at 22, Neil was the youngest man in space. The five year jump puts in him back in junior year of high school contending with deadlines, his Mom's disapproval and his old relationship with Holly Culverson (Lindy Booth - The 4400, Cry Wolf). Neil more than the others struggles with the change of returning to the previous timeline and tries to stop his family falling apart.

Sarah Forbes (Played by Leslie Silva - Numb3rs, The Agency, CSI)

A news reporter for CNN, Sarah had taken a ride on the Odyssey in order to be closer to her son, who had died of cancer. She finds herself back as the news anchor for the local KNBS news station, with her first husband - Paul Forbes. Sarah's main motives are to prevent the old timeline from taking its natural course to save her son, and to hide the feelings for Troy Johnson, her second from before.

Fics in this fandom are few and far between *sob* but they are there! Good places to check are the old Yuletide archive and Loony Archivist. There are some on the ff.net and WWOMB as well if you're prepared to dig!

December 23rd, 2002 by taraljc.
Set after "Follow the Leader." Both times December 23rd, 2002 had rolled around for Neil Taggart, it had rained like a sonofabitch. (R rated).
This fic has Neil directly comparing the repeat of one day with it's predecessor. Neither are overwhelmingly brilliant. It's full of angst and really sums up beautifully Neil's feelings on the way his life is turning out (again).

Scientific Method by Tiriel
Set after "Half-Life". Neil has a lot on his mind. (Kurt/Neil. R rated.)

The Random Frantic Action that We Take by shift
"I wish you could remind me of who I was / because every day I'm a little further off." (Kurt/Neil, Angela/Kurt. NC-17 rated).
This was my gifted fic from Yuletide last year and I am convinced it is the best fic in the fandom. Set after the series finale (with spoilers), and set from Neil's POV you have him trying to seek comfort in Kurt but being screwed over and his attempts to deal with being in a seventeen year old's body again.

Living in Yesterday by Kira
Kurt reflects on the mission's success so far and what sacrifices might have to be made in the future. (Kurt/Neil. NC-17 rated).
I'm not normally a big fan of first person fic, but this one really does work. Again it's heavy and angsty but I do still love it. :) Set after the end of the series and his scientifically-minded way Kurt watches everyone else and analyses the situation.

This is me Breathing by estrella
Angela had been missing for over three years when she walked into the diner one late September afternoon. (Angela/Kurt. R rated).
There's a lot of Kurt in these fics - he seems to feature heavily in the very small fandom. But he's also fun to explore. Set after the end of the series (spoilers), Angela has been missing and returns. Kurt is delighted to have her back but is everything as it seems?

Fated by Konstantine.
In the end they don't win. (Kurt/Sarah. R rated).
One thing about a smaller fandom is you'll try pairings that you won't normally. This isn't one I would have ever considered in a bigger fandom but it really works! Kurt and Sarah turn to each other because there's no-one else around that understands what they're going through.

Formica Bubble by Suz
The day the world ended. Only not. (R rated).
The Kurt voice in this is perfect. I will give you a non-spoilery extract.

The day the world ended, Kurt had paté on toast for breakfast.
Not just
any paté, of course. It was the rarest, most expensive paté he could find within a twelve-block area of his apartment. It didn't matter if it was an orgasmic experience against his tongue, or made his taste buds want to commit harakiri—the fact was that he was still Kurt Mendel, and there were certain expectations that came with that.

Set after the series (and has spoilers for the whole of it) but this is Kurt and Chuck in the diner on the day the world was supposed to explode. A very melancholy tone and gives a satisfying conclusion to where each of the characters may have ended up.

Finding this show. :)
Amazon.co.uk £11.93
Amazon.com $22.49

In a shady way: I have an upload of the feature length pilot and Shatterer (the following episode) that I am happy to share if you would like a taster and PM me. :)

A couple of quick warnings. Odyssey 5 is a cable show and is not light on all the things that come with that. Also? It ends on a major cliffhanger. Which personally, I think is worth it. I have never seen a show I loved like this one. Which I can (and will) ramble on about at length.


There's also a vid - well, maybe more than one, but this is is the only one I know of, made by me and my vidding partner (flummery is two people *g*). It's called Haunted; fair warning, this has spoilers for the entire series.


Downloads and streaming also available at http://flummery.org .
That was you? Someone sent it to me last year (on a - you love this show I thought you might like) and it's incredible. I normally don't watch vids unless I know the song but it was O5 and I had to rewatch about 10 times.

Yes, spoilery but so so so good. Thank you for making and sharing it!
Thanks for the rec!
You're welcome. :D Hopefully some more people have read this post and might be interested in the show too!
I LOVED this show! But either it trailed off and was axed before anything was really resolved, or they stopped showing it in the UK; in any event, I don't recall a cliffhanger. Did it tie things up well or was it the sort of desperate cliffhanger made by a series that knows it's about to be axed? I only have vague recollections of the plot now, but I recall something to do with nanites? alien software? taking over a group of children somewhere..? Kurt was fantastic, I really liked him. And Angela. Sarah annoyed me, didn't she go on some kind of denial bender once they went back?
ME TOO! :D They showed the whole lot in the UK (I watched it on Sky One). If you don't remember it ending on a massive cliffhanger you've probably not seen the end. So I won't tell you what it is.

If you watched it on Sky One the first time around did you keep watching it when it moved to 3am? I know Sci-Fi repeated it a few years later.

Kurt went on a denial bender too. :) But his involved having a threesome, dumping his fiance and betting. Sarah freaked out about Corey.

There were some nanites but mostly it was the Sentient computer organisms and the synthetics they made to carry out their bidding. *g*
It moved to WHEN? D: No wonder I missed it *headdesks* I thought they'd just stopped showing it, I never thought to check THAT time of the morning and at the time I didn't know anyone else in UK who was watching. Mutters about TV scheduling...

We probably didn't have Sky or Sci-Fi by the time they repeated it, at some point Virgin and Sky had a Big Argument and went different ways, and we were not about to pay extra to switch providers. More muttering...

This is why I feel NO COMPUNCTION WHATSOEVER about downloading eps of my favourite series from America after viewers kindly put them up. The TV people mess us about way too much to expect loyalty. I do buy the DVDs when they come out eventually.

That's right, sentient computer organisms and synthetics, does jog my memory somewhat. Would have to watch the entire thing again - to the finish! - to Get A Clue what was going on. Assuming you DO get a clue... Cliffhanger beside, did the first season provide reasonable clues as to what was going on? It doesn't seem too expensive anyway, but I get terribly irked when I'm into a show that then inexplicably DIES (Firefly and Dark Angel were the worst) and American SciFi seems to do that all the time, just as I'm starting to like something :(
Yeah, apparently the ratings were down so it was shifted. And I can see why you wouldn't think to check the middle of the night. It's to do with the fact that they'd paid for the whole season so they were going to show it. Worked for me - at the time I still had a bedtime which was before it was on!

FANTASTIC!! If you have issues then I can enable this lack of compunction. Drop me a PM if you want links. :)

I have a whole DVD shelf full of American/Canadian sci-fi that was shortlived. I also love really fairly mediocre sci-fi (I LIKE TO MOCK AND ADMIRE THE PRETTY OK? IT'S A PROBLEM! But thankfully there is a lot of TV that satisfies my needs on that front). Firefly and DA at least ENDED (and I glee over. I have started a Dark Angel Big Bang in my love for it!). I have Mutant X, The Net, The 4400 etc. that just stop.

But yes, warning for the cliffhanger. You will shout at the screen.
okay. deffinitely interesting.
I've arleady came across this tv show - or rather just an ad, and now I'm very surprised that it's only one season. it's quite unusual to buy a series and dub it if it's that short. and I think it actually run here in Hungary this year. so strange. but deffinitely a must see. after I've finished my exams I'll deffinitely watch it. (it's already in the downloading stage :)

thanks for providing me with what could be my next addiction :)
and if I'm hooked, I won't forget to come back with some fics. (okay, maybe.)

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