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White Collar - Neal Caffrey

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Big List of Fandoms

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NOTE: way back in the days, Yuletide listed author alphabetically by their first name. As this list was also made way back, author [FIRST NAME][LAST NAME] can be found under the first letter of [FIRST NAME], f.e. Diana Wynne Jones is listed under D, not J.

28 Days Later and sequel (movies)
The 4400 (TV)

A Knight's Tale (movie)
A Separate Peace see: John Knowles
A Series of Unfortunate Events see: Lemony Snicket
A Very Peculiar Practice (TV)
Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai see: Buckaroo Banzai
Air Wolf (TV)
Alexandra Erin (webfiction)
Alien Nation (TV)
Alien Resurrection (movie)
Alice in Wonderland: see Lewis Carroll
Alphas (TV)
American Dream (TV)
American Gothic (TV)
Anthony Hope (books)
Arthurian legend - newsletter only
The Authority (comics)

Babylon 5 (TV - for reference only: see universe_today)
Bare: a Pop Opera (musical)
Basara (manga)
Being Human (TV)
Bewitched (TV)
Big Wolf on Campus (TV)
Bill and Ted-series (movie)
Black Books (TV)
Black Sails (TV)
Blake's 7 (TV)
Blood Diamond (movie)
Blue Monday (comic)
Boondock Saints (movie)
Boston Legal (TV)
Boy Meets World (TV)
Bram Stoker: see Dracula
Brimstone (TV)
Buckaroo Banzai (movie)
Burn Notice (TV)

C.S. Friedman (books)
Cabin Fever (movie)
Castle Waiting (comic)
Catherynne M. Valente (books)
Charles Dickens (books)
Charlie's Angels (TV)
Chicago Hope (TV)
Chronicles of Riddick (movies)
Chrono Trigger (game)
Chrono Crusade (manga, anime)
Chuck (TV)
Coffee Prince (TV)
Columbo (TV)
Company (musical)
Copycat (movie)
Covert Affairs (TV)
Crest of the Stars (manga, anime)
Crimson Spell (manga)
Crossing Jordan (TV)
Crusade (TV)
The Crying Game (movie)
Cupid (TV)

D.K. Broster (books)
Defying Gravity (TV)
Demon Knights (comic)
Desert Peach (comic)
Diana Wynne Jones (books)
Doris Egan (books)
Dorothy Dunnett (books)
Dorothy L. Sayers (books)
Dracula (movies, book, musical)
The Dresden Files see: Jim Butcher
The Drowsy Chaperone (musical)

Eastern Promises (movie)
Eerie, Indiana (TV)
Elizabeth Bear (books)
Elizabeth George (books)
Ellen Kushner (books)
Empire Records (movie)
Everwood (TV)
Eyeshield 21 (manga, anime - for reference only, as ff.net section contains over 1,000 fics)

Finder (comic)
Flashpoint (TV) - for reference only, is kept track of at c6d_weekly
Frankenstein (movie, book, musical)
Fritz Leiber (books)
From Eroica With Love (manga)
Fyodor Dostoevsky (books)

Gabriel Knight (game-series)
Garth Nix (books)
The Girl From Tomorrow (TV)
Gilligan's Island (TV)
Gokusen (manga, anime, TV)
Green Wing (TV)
Gunnar Staalesen (books)

Haevnen (movie) also: In a Better World
Hana Kimi (manga, TV)
Hana Yori Dango (manga, TV)
Happy Days (TV)
Happy Endings (TV)
Hard Candy (movie)
Harvey (movie)
Haven (TV)
Hello Dolly! (musical)
Henning Mankell (books)
Henrik Ibsen (plays)
Hex (TV)
Highway to Heaven (?)
Hot Fuzz (movie)
Hotel Babylon (TV)
The Hours (movie)
Hunt for the Red October see: Tom Clancy

Inspector Lynley-mysteries see: Elizabeth George
The I.T. Crowd (TV)

J.T. Leroy (books)
Jake 2.0 (TV)
James White (books)
Jane Emerson see: Doris Egan
Jeeves and Wooster (TV, for books see: P.G. Wodehouse)
Jericho (TV)
Jesus and Mo (webcomic) see: Alexandra Erin
Jim Butcher (books)
Jo Walton (books)
John Doe (TV)
John Knowles (books)
Jonathan Stroud (books)
Josephine Tey (books)
Justified (TV)

Keen Eddie (TV)
Kentucky Route Zero (game)
The Kill Point (TV)
Kisarazu Cat's Eye (TV)

L.I.E. (movie)
Latter Days (movie)
The Leftovers
Lemony Snicket (books - newsletter only as ff.net section for this fandom contains over 1,000 fics)
Lewis Carroll (books)
The Listener (TV)
Lloyd Alexander (books)
Lois McMaster Bujold (books)
Lord of War (movie)
Lost Boys (movie)
Lyda Morehouse (books)
Lynn Flewelling (books)

The Magic of Ordinary Days (movie)
Marcel Allain (books)
Marcus Zusak (books)
Mark Gatiss (books)
Martha Wells (books)
Mary Renault (books)
Mary Shelley see: Frankenstein
Maurice Leblanc (books)
The Mentalist (TV)
The Middleman (TV)
Miracles (TV)
Mystery of Edwin Drood see: Charles Dickens
Mythology, Greek - newsletter only
Mythology, Norse

National Treasure (movies)
Neil Gaiman (books) with the exception of Good Omens

Ocean's 11 and sequels (movies)
Octopus Pie (webcomic) see: Alexandra Erin

P.G. Wodehouse (books)
Pamela Dean (books)
Patrick Rothfuss (books)
Philip Reeve (books)
Phillip Pullman (books)
Pierre Choderlos de Laclos: see Dangerous Liaisons
Piers Anthony (books)
Pitch Black see: Chronicles of Riddick
Point Pleasant (TV)
Primeval (TV - too large, see also: anomaly_news)
Princess Tutu (anime, manga)
Probe (TV)
The Producers (movie)
Pu Songling (books)

Reboot (TV)
Reno: 911! (TV)
Reign of Fire (movie)
Richard A. Knaak (books)
The Ring (movie, manga, books)
Riptide (TV)
Riverside see: Ellen Kushner
Runaways (comic)

Sapphire and Steel (TV)
Sam and Max (various)
Sarah Monette (books)
Scrapped Princess (anime)
Shakespeare see: William Shakespeare
Shaun of the Dead (movie)
Skip Beat! (manga)
Sky High (2005 movie - newsletter only as ff.net-section contains over 1,000 fics)
Slings & Arrows (TV)
Solarbabies (movie)
Son of Rambow (movie)
Spartacus: Blood and Sand (TV)
Steven Brust (books)
Steven Erikson (books)
Stieg Larsson (books)
Strangers in Paradise (comic)
Suikoden (game-series)
Sunday in the Park With George (musical)
Susanna Clarke (books)
Suzanne Brockmann (books)
Sweeney Todd (musical)

Tanya Huff (books)
Terry Pratchett (books - no longer a small fandom)
Threshold (TV)
Time Team (TV)
Tom Clancy (books)
Tracker (TV)
Trixie Belden (books - various authors)
Trudi Canavan (books)
Two and a Half Men (TV)

Umberto Eco (books)

V (TV-series)
Valkyrie Profile (game)
Venture Brothers (cartoon)
Veritas: the Quest (TV)
Vision of Escaflowne (anime - newsletter only)

The Wallflower (manga)
Wedding Wars (movie)
Weekend at Bernie's (movie)
Westworld (TV)
Wild Adapter (manga)
William Shakespeare (plays)
Wilkie Collins (books)

Y: the Last Man (comic)
Yes Minister (TV-series)

Zesty! (webcomic)

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